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«Hecategram MDAP» platform

The «Hecategram MDAP» platform is designed to develop and further launch micro-decentralized apps, including apps using technology of distributed databases (blockchain).

Under the term micro, they take some app created to solve a small narrow task necessary for its user. For example, obtaining some data from the financial market and their subsequent processing, taking into account data previously obtained through this app.

Moreover, it is desirable that there are no information intermediaries between the app and its data sources who, in addition to the fact of the data request, receive the very structure of such a request. Information intermediaries additionally receive information about the frequency of requests by a specific user, and also about the amount of data directly received by him. In the future, information intermediaries can use the collected statistics for their own purposes.

In addition, information intermediaries can modify the data obtained as a result of a user’s request and give the user distorted information according to their marketing goals

As a result, there was a return to the principles of decentralization that were adopted to create computer apps, even before the advent of web technology in this area.

The term decentralization should be understood that such an app, deployed on the user's device, makes a request for data, processes them and displays the necessary result to the user. All this happens without the participation of information intermediaries.

The «Hecategram MDAP» platform was originally created to address the challenges of developing and launching micro-decentralized apps. Moreover, the complexity of micro-decentralized apps depends only on the tasks set for such a micro-decentralized app.

Micro-decentralized applications can interact within the «Hecategram MDAP» platform, both with their own distributed blockchain databases deployed within the platform, and with the distributed microchannel databases (blockchain) of other microdecentralized apps deployed on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform.

Also, micro decentralized apps get the opportunity to conduct micro crypto payments through the use of stablecoins deployed on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform.

In the future, in the event of the publication of such crypto projects as TON and Libra, micro-decentralized apps deployed on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform will be able to interact directly with them.

The «Hecategram MDAP» platform is now ideal for building private apps, for each specific user, designed for such a user to work on crypto exchanges through their public and private APIs. In this case, a free server is created, which is stored directly on your device, and therefore, all exchange keys cannot be made available to third parties.

The main differences of the «Hecategram MDAP» platform version 1.0 beta 2019
from the alpha version of the «Hecategram MDAP» 2017

Micro-decentralized apps are now run not inside the platform application itself, but directly in the web browser itself, installed on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform user device. This fact allows us to use accessible web programming languages to create micro-decentralized apps deployed on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform, which significantly lowered the threshold for entering the platform for developers of such apps.

A single graphical interface has been developed and implemented, thanks to which all micro-decentralized apps deployed on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform have the same control through a graphical menu, developers need to focus only on directly generating the execution code for their micro-decentralized app.

The concept of the «Hecategram MDAP» platform plane has been changed, which is now called the Desktop application. Directly in the “Desktop” application of the «Hecategram MDAP» platform, micro-decentralized apps are launched, and widgets of micro-decentralized apps are placed. In the future, each user will have the opportunity to arrange icons and widgets of micro decentralized apps on the screen at their discretion.

Thanks to the unification of the interface of micro-decentralized apps, it is enough for their developers to create just a few simple files. Directly the file of the appearance and internal interface of the micro-decentralized app developed by them, the Java Script interaction file and the app data processing file in one of the PHP, C ++ or PERl web programming languages.

The «Hecategram MDAP» micro-decentralized app platform is based on two main modules. A compact Internet server that is deployed on your computer or laptop, and directly the micro-decentralized app code.

Micro-decentralized apps themselves on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform now directly work in the Google Chrome Internet browser.

System requirements of the «Hecategram MDAP» platform

* Computer or laptop

* Microsoft Windows

* Google Chrome 30+

In version 1.0 Beta, several micro-decentralized applications are presented that do not require the presence of deployed distributed databases (blockchain) on the network of the «Hecategram MDAP» platform.

Announcements of the «Hecategram MDAP» Platform

At present, the module of distributed databases (blockchain) is being tested on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform. After starting this module, developers of micro-decentralized apps will also be able to easily create distributed databases (blockchain) for their app on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform, for example, creating a database structure in a web management system like phpMyAdmin.

Since the distributed databases (blockchain) of micro-decentralized app will be based on one platform, then directly through the system API of the «Hecategram MDAP» platform, the micro-decentralized apps deployed on it will be able to organize data exchange between their distributed databases (blockchain) .

Testing of the «Hecategram MDAP» platform’s multi-stablecoins system is also nearing completion, thanks to which all users of micro decentralized applications based on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform will be able to conveniently conduct micro crypto payments both in the particular app and between them.

Apps deployed on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform

  Сrypto browser

This app allows you to get information about the transaction, the balance at the address, or the contents of a specific block directly in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain.

You can get information from the Bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain using 15 different crypto observers. The list includes both popular crypto observers and a number of newcomers. In general, there are plenty to choose from.

  Who Is

This micro-decentralized app allows you to get Who Is information for the domain you are interested in. Data is received directly from whois domain zone servers, without using third-party Internet services.

Currently whois information is available in the domain zones (in alphabetical order) AM, ART, ASIA, BIZ, BY, CA, CC, COM, CZ, EE, EU, FR, GE, IN, INFO, IO, JP, KG , KZ, LT, LV, MD, NET, ORG, PL, PRO, PW, RU, SU, TM, TOP, UA, US, UZ, WS.

Through decentralized queries, your idea of opening a new Internet project at an interesting domain address will not get into the registrar database. You don’t want the domain that you want to register to not become suddenly abruptly occupied.

Be sure to use the whois request before investing in some kind of internet project. It may happen that he registered last week, and on his website swears oaths about how he has been prospering in the financial or other market for a hundred years.

Also, this micro-decentralized application allows you to get the value of your current IP address. This function is especially necessary when using various Proxy or VPN connections to control their operation. As well as monitoring the browser in this mode.

In the mode of obtaining IP addresses, the micro-decentralized application does not transmit data personalizing the user of the «Hecategram MDAP» platform. Information about such requests is not logged or processed in any form and form.

  crypto currency

This micro-decentralized app allows you to get current cryptocurrency rates at leading crypto exchanges. The data obtained using the micro-decentralized application corresponds to the rates of crypto currencies at the time of their request.

Obtaining data on crypto currency rates occurs directly from the crypto exchanges themselves, using their public APIs.

You get current data, without processing any Internet resources. This is not data obtained in the morning or for some time, not some average value. Even more recent data is needed ... just repeat your request.

Also, using this micro-decentralized app, you can call up various charts of current crypto currency rates.

Preparing the first launch of the «Hecategram MDAP» platform

Download the platform installation archive from this link or from our github.

Run the resulting file and click Extract.

By default, installation takes place on drive C, but you can choose the installation location for the «Hecategram MDAP» platform that is convenient for you.

After unpacking the system, go to the «Hecategram MDAP» platform folder and launch the platform by running the start.bat file.

The «Hecategram MDAP» platform server will be launched in the form of three black windows in terminal mode. Do not touch anything at this time, do not close or minimize these windows.

The windows will be closed by the system on their own immediately after the launch of the «Hecategram MDAP» platform server.

At the same time after launch, your browser will be launched, and the web page will be opened with the starting address of the platform http: //hg.start

If for some reason the start page does not open, try updating it in your browser, through the browser menu command or by pressing F5 on your keyboard.

Wait a few seconds to configure the «Hecategram MDAP» platform.

After setting up, you will be transferred to the desktop app.

Select the micro-decentralized app you need and launch it by clicking on its icon in the “Desktop” app of the «Hecategram MDAP» platform and follow the instructions for using this app.

To exit the «Hecategram MDAP» platform, you just need to close the platform page in your Internet browser. At the same time, the platform server itself does not stop its work. You can re-enter the «Hecategram MDAP» platform by typing the address http: //hg.start in your Internet browser

To stop the «Hecategram MDAP» platform server, go to the platform folder on your device and run the stop.bat file.

App developers for the «Hecategram MDAP» platform

If you have an idea to create your micro-decentralized app on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform, write our wish to our support team about this and we will provide all the necessary technical information about deploying apps based on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform.

As already mentioned above, to create a micro-decentralized app based on the «Hecategram MDAP» platform, you need knowledge of the main web languages like PHP, C ++ or PERl.

After the final testing, you can use such a micro-decentralized app as for your own purposes, or share it with the community of the «Hecategram MDAP» platform.

Contact information of the «Hecategram MDAP» platform

You can get any additional information about the «Hecategram MDAP» platform from the following social networks:

Direct telegram account for questions, requests, suggestions or constructive criticism in russian @hecategram.

You can also pluck our representatives on web forums.

Public Offer of the platform "Hecategram MDAP"

The fact of using micro-decentralized apps and the launch of the Hecategram MDAP platform means that the user endorsed this public offer of the Hecategram MDAP platform.

The Hecategram MDAP platform and all micro-decentralized and other apps created on its basis are provided to the user as is, on a free basis.

The operation of micro-decentralized and other apps on the Hecategram MDAP platform in some cases may depend on the operation and stability of your Internet network.

Micro decentralized and other apps deployed on the Hecategram MDAP platform can transfer some data to the server / s of the Hecategram MDAP platform and / or developers of micro decentralized and / or other apps.

The use of certain micro-decentralized and / or other apps deployed on the Hecategram MDAP platform may be legally prohibited in the country and / or in a separate territory where the user of the Hecategram MDAP platform is currently located.

Developers of a decentralized and / or other application may restrict access to their application based on the user key of the Hecategram MDAP platform and / or other registration components of the application and / or Hecategram MDAP platform.

Developers of micro-decentralized and / or other apps and the Hecategram MDAP platform itself are not liable in any form for losses and / or other events, financial and / or other, to users of the Hecategram MDAP platform.

The code of micro-decentralized and / or other apps and the Hecategram MDAP platform itself is open and can be changed by any user of the Hecategram MDAP platform in any form, while the use of such code is allowed only inside the Hecategram MDAP platform and requires mandatory agreement with its developers.

If such a modified code is used in other projects, programs or other cases and / or the agreed use of such a modified code in the Hecategram MDAP platform itself, any user of the Hecategram MDAP platform reserves the right to claim, financially and / or in another form, to persons or projects that have committed such a violation.

Using code, working methods, or some other working elements of micro-decentralized and / or other apps deployed on the Hecategram MDAP platform, as well as code, working methods or some other working elements of the Hecategram MDAP platform itself, in other projects, tasks or solutions and / or other apps are not allowed in any form. Any user of the Hecategram MDAP platform reserves the right to demand, financially and / or in any other form, against persons or projects that have committed such a violation.

The publication by the developer / s of micro decentralized and / or other apps on the Hecategram MDAP platform is a fact of the consent of the developer / s with this public offer of the Hecategram MDAP platform.

Changes and / or additions may be made to the text of this public offer of the Hecategram MDAP platform, subject to mandatory notification to users of the Hecategram MDAP platform 15 (fifteen) calendar days prior to the time these changes and / or additions are made to the text of the public offer Hecategram MDAP platform.

This public offer of the Hecategram MDAP platform has been compiled in different languages ​​accepted for the platform. Moreover, the text of the public offer in russian is fundamental.

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